rOtring ABS ballpoint pen, white

Article No: 5171-02

rOtring ABS ballpoint pen with rubber grip, blue ink with jumbo refill. Including giftbox.

product price
7,53 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
264 pcs / 0 pcs

Aluminium card holder, black

Article No: 8766-01CD

Aluminium business card holder in metallic colours, holds up to approx. 10 cards.

product price
1,61 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
1 071 pcs / 0 pcs
product price
0,10 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
14 200 pcs / 0 pcs

Split leather RFID credit card wallet, black

Article No: 8022-01

Split leather RFID (anti-skimming) credit card wallet with press stud close.

product price
2,55 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
474 pcs / 0 pcs

Ballpen with LED torch, red

Article No: 1211-08

Plastic ballpen with LED torch and coloured cord. Blue ink. Batteries included.

product price
0,34 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
3 133 pcs / 0 pcs

ABS night light, White

Article No: 9214-02

ABS nightlight with motion sensor. Batteries included.

product price
5,36 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
191 pcs / 0 pcs

Aluminium ballpen, silver

Article No: 5223-32

Aluminium ballpen with a black rubber push button. Black ink.

product price
0,63 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
1 547 pcs / 0 pcs

Electronic handwarmer, blue

Article No: 8211-05

Aluminium, electronic hand warmer, in polyester sock. The hand warmer has two settings: standard (lasting 5-6 hours), and super warm (lasting 2-3 hours). Temp: 40-50°. Micro USB port. Including USB/Micro USB cable.

product price
8,22 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
91 pcs / 0 pcs

Gleam 5-in-1 light-up charging cable, Solid black

Article No: 12418690

Charging cable with 5 different connectors: Type-C input, USB-A input, Type-C output, iOS output, and micro USB output. This allows for using the cable also with Type-C output devices that are included in the newer generation of phones and macbook computers. ABS plastic casing with option to engrave a logo that will light up when the cable is being used. Cable length is 100 cm. Micro USB output and 2-in-1 tip support up to 2A current. Type-C output support up to 3A current.

product price
8,08 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
86 pcs / 0 pcs

ABS telescopic selfie stick, black

Article No: 9218-01

ABS telescopic selfie stick, expandable to a max of 116 cm, includes a nylon wrist cord, and a ribbed handle. The bracket to hold the mobile phone is extendable to a max of 7,9 cm and can be moved in several positions.

product price
2,36 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
289 pcs / 0 pcs

Eight colour plastic ballpen., red

Article No: 3868-08

Plastic ballpen with eight writing colours, pink, brown, red, green, purple, grey, yellow and light blue.

product price
0,60 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
1 120 pcs / 0 pcs

Aluminium torch with 6 LED bulbs, red

Article No: 7794-08

Aluminium mini torch and key holder with 6 LED lights and glow-in-the-dark silicone strap. Batteries included.

product price
3,14 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
188 pcs / 0 pcs

Polyester (600D) sports bag, red

Article No: 7658-08

Polyester (600D) sports bag with big compartment and a special compartment for shoes. Adjustable shoulder strap.

product price
13,16 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
44 pcs / 0 pcs

ABS wireless earphones with power bank., black

Article No: 8445-01

ABS in-ear earphones with wireless technology and a 2.000 mAh power bank. 14.4Wh. Input DC 5V/0.9A, output DC 5V/1A S/N: 15-09. Including charging cable (USB - micro USB).

product price
42,02 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
14 pcs / 0 pcs

Plastic in-ear earphones, white

Article No: 7816-02

ABS in-ear earphones with wireless technology, in a transparent case. Including cable, length approx. 51 cm. Battery life at normal volume: 1,5 hours.

product price
3,17 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
179 pcs / 0 pcs

ABS solar charger Tara, black

Article No: 2091-01

ABS solar charger with 1000mAh, input 5v/500mAh, output 5v/500mAh-800m, a carry handle on top and three LED lights on the bottom. Including cable.

product price
7,30 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
77 pcs / 0 pcs

Phone stand/earphone splitter., black

Article No: 5400-01

ABS phone stand with rubber suction cup. When the top is pulled off it can be used as an earphone splitter.

product price
0,67 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
773 pcs / 0 pcs

Plastic pedometer with a step counter., orange

Article No: 4453-07

Plastic pedometer with a belt clip. Batteries included.

product price
1,35 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
357 pcs / 0 pcs

4 pcs surgical masks in box

Article No: G20209

Set of 4 3PLY surgical masks (EN14683, type 1) with elastic ear loops and adjustable nose piece for a comfortable fit packed in PP case.

product price
1,02 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
465 pcs / 0 pcs

ABS earphones, red

Article No: 7765-08

ABS earphones featuring wireless technology, with three control buttons and a charger in the packaging and phone holder on top. Frequency: 20 Hz - 20 kHz.

product price
4,92 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
93 pcs / 0 pcs
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