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Stainless steel tongs Maeve, black/silver

Article No: 6538-50

Stainless steel food tongs with a nylon blade and TPR handle.

product price
3,81 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
30 pcs / 20 771 pcs

Stainless steel tongs Zephyr, brown

Article No: 976592-11

Stainless steel tongs with bamboo detailed grip.

product price
5,05 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
0 pcs / 6 994 pcs

Met BBQ thermomether, Silver

Article No: 11326681

BBQ thermometer with measure ranges in both ? and ?. Mechanical induction can be directly and accurately measured in the oil pan, when frying, or for barbecue temperature control. The durable, stainless-steel casing provides strength and corrosion resistance. Easy to use and easy to clean.

product price
6,01 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
0 pcs / 2 857 pcs

Fleece travel blanket, red

Article No: 1921-08

Fleece (165 gr/m2) travel blanket with nylon carrying handle, unfolded size +/- 115 cm x 135 cm.

product price
6,28 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
8 pcs / 0 pcs

ABS camp light Jordan, silver

Article No: 8196-32

ABS retractable camp light with three COB light strips and metal arms. Batteries included.

product price
6,68 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
334 pcs / 6 444 pcs

Stainless steel barbecue set Priscilla, silver

Article No: 5460-32

Stainless steel, three-piece barbecue tool set in nonwoven carry pouch. Including: a spatula, tongs and fork.

product price
14,97 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
15 pcs / 9 860 pcs

Fajro BBQ tool set, Natural

Article No: 11335806

This handy 4-in-1 BBQ tool set features a spatula, fork, can opener, and bottle opener - all crafted from oak wood and RCS-certified stainless steel. The convenience and comfort of this tool makes it the perfect gift for any BBQ enthusiast.

product price
16,46 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
0 pcs / 4 987 pcs

Polyester canvas hammock Ember, khaki

Article No: 7870-13

Polyester canvas hammock without wooden rims. Includes a bag for storage.

product price
18,51 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
0 pcs / 1 065 pcs

Stainless steel barbecue set Hugo, black

Article No: 2631-01

Nylon apron (600D) with stainless steel, five-piece barbecue set, including: carving fork, spatula, tongs, and salt and pepper set.

product price
21,65 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
4 pcs / 7 566 pcs

Stainless steel barbecue set Silas, black

Article No: 6703-01

Stainless steel, four-piece barbecue set in a nylon zipper pouch with carrying straps. Including: a long brush, a tong, a meat fork, and a spatula.

product price
23,42 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
1 pcs / 1 912 pcs

Nylon (600D) apron with barbecue set Christina, green

Article No: 7400-04

Nylon (600D) apron with stainless steel three-piece barbecue set, including: a spatula, fork and tongs with wooden handles.

product price
23,48 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
2 pcs / 2 949 pcs

Canvas picnic travel pouch Jacques, black

Article No: 771753-01

Canvas picnic travel pouch with plastic cutlery and plates for two people.

product price
23,53 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
13 pcs / 1 240 pcs

Barcabo BBQ 3-piece set, Silver

Article No: 11326581

3-piece BBQ set with shovel (34.8 x 7.5 cm), fork (35.4 x 3.35 cm), and a tong (35 x 6.8 x 4 cm). All accessories are delivered in a lightweight case to make it easy to carry and store away. The perfect BBQ accessory for the garden or to bring along for some outdoor grilling with friends and family.

product price
24,03 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
0 pcs / 479 pcs

Stainless steel barbecue set Jennifer, silver

Article No: 2637-32

Stainless steel, three-piece barbecue set in an aluminium case, including: spatula, fork and tongs.

product price
26,25 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
47 pcs / 2 085 pcs

Polyster canvas hammock Tia, khaki

Article No: 7892-13

Polyster canvas hammock with wooden rims. Includes a bag for storage.

product price
26,66 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
9 pcs / 838 pcs

Gratar 5-piece BBQ set, Natural

Article No: 11326406

5-piece BBQ set with a shovel (29 x 7 cm), fork (29 x 1.7 cm), knife (29 x 2.4 cm), cutting board (19 x 13 x 1.1 cm), and a glove (25 x 16 cm).

product price
32,61 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
0 pcs / 415 pcs

Bamboo barbecue set, brown

Article No: 840894-11

Three-piece barbecue set in aluminium case with bamboo print, including: fork, spatula, and tongs.

product price
38,55 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
3 pcs / 819 pcs

Soll foldable picnic table, Natural

Article No: 11328106

With this foldable picnic table with 4 fixed wine glass holes, a picnic on the balcony, garden, or beach will always be very comfortable. It only takes a second to fold out and is easy to carry along.

product price
58,59 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
0 pcs / 1 096 pcs

Polyester (600D) picnic rucksack Izaro, blue

Article No: 7609-05

Polyester (600D) picnic rucksack with plastic cutlery for four people and a large cooling compartment.

product price
64,27 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
5 pcs / 568 pcs

Polyester (600D) picnic rucksack Neo, blue

Article No: 2645-05

Polyester (600D) 25-piece picnic rucksack with plastic cutlery for four people.

product price
68,08 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
0 pcs / 2 627 pcs
1 - 20 / 26

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