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Memory foam earplugs, blue

Article No: 8192-05

Memory foam earplugs in transparent case, for promotional use.

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0,14 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
443 pcs / 0 pcs

Pair of foam ear plugs., white

Article No: 3858-02

Pair of foam ear plugs, for promotional use, with approximately 65 cm of cord, supplied in a transparent plastic tube with coloured cap and key chain.

product price
0,22 €/pcs
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1 pcs / 0 pcs

Nylon (190T) eye mask Clarke, black

Article No: 8466-01

Nylon (190T) eye mask with double elastic bands.

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0,50 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
0 pcs / 36 089 pcs
Decreased prices: -10%

Serenity earplugs with travel case, Orange

Article No: 11989300

Serenity earplugs with travel case. Ear plugs in snap travel case. PU Plastic foam, PP plastic.

product price
0,56 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
0 pcs / 63 171 pcs

Aurora sleeping mask, solid black

Article No: 12037900

Eye mask with 2 black elastic straps. A great way to promote your brand amongst light sleepers, frequent travelers, shift workers, and busy entrepreneurs.

product price
1,49 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
0 pcs / 0 pcs

PET cosmetic travel kit Lori, white

Article No: 8191-02

PET travel kit for cosmetics. The kit consists of three transparent spray bottles, a pipette, spatula, and two round containers. Stored in a transparent PP case.

product price
1,67 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
0 pcs / 1 322 pcs

Velour travel cushion Stanley, blue

Article No: 9651-05

Inflatable velour travel cushion in velour pouch.

product price
1,98 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
1 070 pcs / 6 938 pcs
Decreased prices: -10%

Detroit inflatable pillow, Grey

Article No: 11971000

Shaped to support your head and neck whenever you want to rest or nap, our inflatable travel pillow is the perfect companion on the plane or train, or in your car, office or hotel. Pillow is packed in a small pouch.

product price
2,45 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
0 pcs / 996 pcs
Decreased prices: -6%

PETG travel kit Dolores, neutral

Article No: 7772-21

PETG travel kit which includes two 100 ml bottles, two 50 ml bottles, two 10 ml containers, and a small spatula.

product price
3,26 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
90 pcs / 8 151 pcs
Decreased prices: -10%

Munich airline approved travel bottle set, solid black

Article No: 11921200

Airline approved toiletry bag which you can bring onboard. Including 2 x 50 ml bottle, 1 x 90 ml bottle and 1 x vaporizer and funnel. Bottles, vaporizer and funnel packed in polybag, comes separately from pouch. Decoration not available on components.

product price
4,40 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
0 pcs / 4 731 pcs

ABS travel adapter Coby, black

Article No: 9197-01

ABS travel adapter, suitable worldwide.

product price
4,99 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
98 pcs / 9 166 pcs
Decreased prices: -9%

ABS luggage scale Landon, black

Article No: 6443-01

ABS digital luggage scale with an on/off button and a wrist strap. Batteries included. Minimum capacity of 1 kg, maximum capacity 40 kg.

product price
5,92 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
65 pcs / 4 403 pcs
Decreased prices: -8%

Miami travel set, Grey

Article No: 11984700

Soft travelset contains an inflatable neck pillow with bright blue zipper, eyemask with bright blue elastic, bright blue soft earplugs and a soft pouch with bright blue drawstring closure.

product price
9,80 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
0 pcs / 14 867 pcs

Suede travel pillow Fletcher, black

Article No: 7482-01

Suede 2-in-1 travel pillow with polyfoam beads. The pillow can be transformed from a round neck pillow into a rectangular pillow by using the zipper.

product price
15,27 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
9 pcs / 2 438 pcs

Frankfurt airline approved alu travel bottle set, Silver, Gr

Article No: 11976000

Contains 2 x 80 ml aluminium bottles, 1 x 40 ml aluminium spray bottle, 2 x 2 ml jars, 1 x 4 layer jar, a funnel, a spatula and a sucker. Bottles, funnel etc packed in polybag, comes separately from pouch. Decoration not available on components.

product price
18,85 €/pcs
On stock / abroad
0 pcs / 7 142 pcs
1 - 15 / 15

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